puresu single-use tube assemblies

puresu single-use fluid paths

puresu single-use fluid paths


BioPure puresu brochure

BioPure puresu brochure

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puresu® is a combination of different components that can be customised to your requirements. Through a broad range of tubing and single-use components combined across an open architecture design, we work with you to create a sterile and dependable fluid path customised to your bioprocessing requirements.

Each of our single-use assemblies are manufactured in-house and are lot traceable throughout our process. To ensure our single-use technology comes ready to use, and meets the requirements set by cGMP guidelines, lot traceability of each component can be made available as part of our detailed documentation.

Assembly and packaging are carried out in our ISO 14644-1 Class 7 Cleanroom manufacturing suite. Sterile tube assemblies are available with a 10-6 SAL and a two year sterility shelf life, validated in compliance with ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11137 VDmax 25 methodology.


We work with you to deliver a final design that is specific and reliable to your bioprocessing needs. To align with your requirements, puresu® single-use assembly packaging configurations may include non-irradiated, gamma irradiated (minimum 25 kGy) or gamma irradiated with a 10-6 SAL claim.

Sterile puresu®

Gamma Irradiated puresu®

Non-Irradiated puresu®


We employ an open architecture approach to enable flexibility of your assembly designs. puresu® assemblies are available with the following:


puresu® is a single-use assembly, available in a variety of custom configurations for use in bioprocessing. They comprise of single-use components including Watson-Marlow tubing, ReNu SU cartridges, BioPure connectors and gaskets, as well as a number of industry recognised third party supplies.

puresu® assemblies can be provided double or triple bagged depending on customer requirements. These assemblies can also be provided in three categories

Each assembly has a unique lot number which enables each component to be fully traced to its constituent materials.