Accurate filling, stoppering and crimp capping of vials – FMB210

FMB210 - Vials, Stoppers, Caps

FMB210 - Vials, Stoppers, Caps


FMB210 brochure

FMB210 brochure

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FMB210 - vials, stoppers, caps

The FMB210 range of fully automatic filling and capping machines is capable of working with many different liquids and fill volumes, and a range of containers.

Here we detail filling, stoppering and crimp capping of vials, with volumes from less than 0.2ml up to 100 ml. Integrated peristaltic fillers ensure accurate filling, and prevent costly overfills, even on very small fill volumes.

As with all Flexicon filling systems, the liquid only contacts a single-use fluid path, so changeover from one liquid to another can be done quickly, without the risk of cross-contamination.

The system is modular and can be customised. For example, the infeed can be a wide conveyor with a scroll or a rotary table.

A production run can be set-up in less than 20 minutes, with changeover completed without assistance from outside the cleanroom area.

Depending upon fill volume, the machine can process up to 4500 vials per hour.

The total capacity of the FMB210 per working day is unique for this size of filling and capping solution.

The filing and capping line is very compact, configured using standard modules and proven technology.

Flexicon offers IQ/OQ for the equipment and provides a free validation pack for the fluid path, reducing the time and resources needed at validation.

We promise reliable delivery times and solutions, keeping total project costs to a minimum.