630 Process pumps for use with continuous tubing

Flow rates from 0.001 L/min to 19 L/min

Flow rates from 0.001 L/min to 19 L/min

630 process pump for continuous 1.6mm wall tubing

630 process pump for continuous 1.6mm wall tubing

Colour display and intuitive menu structures

Colour display and intuitive menu structures




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630S and SN, 630U and UN, 630Du and DuN, 630Bp and BpN peristaltic process pumps fitted with 620R continuous tubing pumpheads


Pump drives 630SN 630UN 630DuN 630BpN 630S 630U 630Du 630Bp
Manual control                
Intuitive keypad and colour display
Choice of flowrate or speed display
Full calibration with choice of flow units  
Remote control                
Configurable Start/Stop, leak detector and pressure switch input (via contact closure or 5V TTL or 24V industrial logic)        
Direction change and auto/manual toggle input (via contact closure or 5V TTL or 24V industrial logic)        
Remote operation of MemDose (foot/hand-switch or logic input)        
Four configurable digital status outputs through 24V, 30W relays            
Software configurable IP31 outputs            
Analogue speed control                
Fully configurable inputs; 0-10V or 4-20mA        
Analogue outputs; 0-10V, 4-20Ma        
Keypad / analogue input scaling (replacement of diaphragm pumps)            
Tacho frequency output; 0-1478Hz        
Digital communication                
RS485 network control              
RS232 network control              
Fieldbus technology                
Profibus DP V0                
Communication speeds from 9.6kbit/s up to 12000kbit/s            
Auto detect bus speed            
3-level PIN lock


Flow ranges (l/min) Continuous tubing LoadSure TM element tubing
  620R (2 rollers) 620RE (2 rollers) 620RE4 (2 rollers)
Tubing material, tubing bore (mm)  6.4mm 9.6mm 12.7mm 15.9mm 12mm 17mm 12mm 17mm
Marprene TM, Bioprene TM         0.004-9.8 0.01-16 0.003-8.3 0.004-11
Marprene TL, Bioprene TL 0.001-3.4 0.003-6.6 0.004-11 0.01-12 0.004-9.8 0.01-18 0.003-8.3 0.005-12
Pumpsil® silicone 0.001-3.2 0.003-7.2 0.004-11 0.01-15 0.004-10 0.01-16 0.003-8.7 0.004-11
Sta-PURE™, Chem-Sure™, Neoprene 0.001-3.2 0.003-6.6 0.004-11 0.01-16 0.004-11 0.01-18 0.003-9.0 0.010-13


620R continuous tubing pumphead

620RE LoadSure tube element pumphead

620RE4 LoadSure tube element pumphead

620L twin-channel pumphead



Please refer to datasheets for materials and sizes of continuous tubing and tube elements for each pumphead model.

Pumpsil platinum cured silicone tubing

Pumpsil platinum-cured silicone tubing

Bioprene thermoplastic tubing Bioprene industrial grade tubing



Watson-Marlow tubing - PureWeld

Marprene long life process tubing Marprene industrial grade thermoplastic elastomer tubing


GORE STA-PURE PCS reinforced silicone tubing GORE STA-PURE PCS pump tubing


GORE STA-PURE PFL reinforced fluoroelastomer tubing GORE STA-PURE PFL pump tubing


Neoprene industrial application tubing Neoprene tubing elements



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