MasoSine process pumps

MasoSIne process pumps


MasoSine pumps are well established in the food industry for transferring fluids containing soft solids. Typical applications include ready meals, soups, sauces, frozen foods, salads and meat mixes. Loading filling machines is a MasoSine speciality. The low-shear design, low maintenance pumps ensure superior solids handling to reduce wastage, minimise damage and produce a higher quality end product for food and beverage.

  • EcoSine pumps EcoSine pumps

    Sanitary process pumps for up to 6 bar (87 psi) pressure and bi-directional operation. Capacity up to 134m3/hr (590 US gpm).

  • MasoSine SPS MasoSine SPS

    Sanitary process pumps for up to 15 bar (217 psi) pressure and in-line cleaning. Capacity up to 99m3/hr (434 US gpm)

  • MasoSine MR MasoSine MR

    High-throughput sanitary process pumps for up to 10 bar (145 psi) pressure. Capacity up to 99m3/hr (434 US gpm).

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