Pumpsil - platinum cured silicone tubing

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Biopharm tubing brochure

Biopharm tubing brochure

Excellent flow stability for accurate dispensing

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Pumpsil is widely used for single-use biopharm applications, as well as pH control and media feed in fermentation, accurate metering, transfer and filtration. Absolute traceability with laser-etched part number, lot number and use-by-date. Fully documented biocompatibility and comprehensive validation pack

Pumpsil typical values

Request a copy of 'The reduction of cyclosiloxanes contaminates in biopharmaceutical products' white paper

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A downloadable copy is available of your certificate of conformance for Watson-Marlow sanitary tubing and sanitary tubing elements 

Download Pumpsil EC1935 Declaration Certificate


Pumpsil tubingPumpsil and its raw materials have been tested under a range of pharmacopoeial and non pharmacopoeial standards. These include:

Additional testing carried out includes extractables testing. For a summary of the validation/qualification testing that has been carried out on Pumpsil, please see download the Pumpsil validation summary guide

The full validation guide including additional information regarding test methods and actual test reports is available on request by submitting a validation request form

Pumpsil, its raw materials and manufacturing process meets a number of regulatory compliance legislations. Specific statements relating to these compliances can be found in the Pumpsil compliance guide and is available on request by filling in the form found here

Pumpsil additionally complies with the legal regulations laid down in the Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004. The declaration of compliance can be found here 

Also available is a downloadable copy of your certificate of conformance for Watson-Marlow sanitary tubing and sanitary tubing elements.


Our custom silicone achieves precision, consistency and durability. The tubing is "addition cured" and is entirely free of the 2,4 DCBA residue associated with peroxide tubing. We built an ISO 14644-1 Class 7 clean room air conditioned to maintain constant temperature and humidity.

Our customers can be sure of a product without impurities. Each stage of manufacture is performed by state-of-the-art production machinery, supervised by highly skilled personnel. We achieve an accuracy which is typically a fraction of the published tolerance. 100% on-line inspection plus off-line checks during every run ensure that all Pumpsil® tubing is validated to the highest standards.

Bulk Tubing

If you buy large volumes of silicone tubing, Watson-Marlow can supply tubing in the way that best suits your production needs.

Custom tube sizes to suit your specific application

Custom coil lengths to suit your production requirements

Competitive pricing

Custom cut lengths to fit your process, this eliminates on-site cutting and ensures the tubing is ready for use

Packaging to suit your needs - single bag, double bag, gamma radiation traceable, individually packed cut lengths, bulk packed

Tubing on 500'*/152m reels, ideal for higher volume applications

Custom labelling ensures your part numbers are included on all packaging

Custom LaserTraceability (laser coding on the surface of the tube) ensures that the tubing is identified in the correct way in your process and is fully traceable. For example, laser coding your part number and purchase order guarantees traceability irrespective of whether the tubing has been removed from the packaging or has been used. Unlike some ink-based printing, LaserTraceability cannot be removed by common clean-room solvents such as IPA and will not contaminate your product.

We can provide custom sizes and packaging, and guaranteed response times, delivered on time, every time.

*Reel length varies with tube size


Pumpsil tubing is double-packed in heat-sealed polythene bags in the clean room. The polythene bags are, like the Pumpsil tubing, free of any animal derived components. The bag is labelled with the part number, lot number and use-by date and tube description. The standard coil length is 15m (50 feet) other coil lengths or cut lengths are available on request.

Tubing reels, which include up to 500 feet (152m) of tubing, are also available for 1.6, 2.4 and 3.2mm wall tubing.

The bagged Pumpsil coils and the reels are packed in a card box outside the clean room. The card boxes are, like the polythene bags, labelled with the Pumpsil part number, lot number, use-by date and tube description. A lot-specific certificate of conformance is included with each pack of tubing.

Full lot traceability is maintained for every batch of tubing produced through detailed raw material and production records, hard copy and electronic production data and retain samples.

Also available is a downloadable copy of your certificate of conformance for Watson-Marlow sanitary tubing and sanitary tubing elements.


Traceability is fundamental in the biopharm industry, where validated processes must be demonstrated. In response to this vital requirement from our customers, every Watson-Marlow Pumpsil® tube is permanently laser-marked end-to-end with part number, lot number and use-by date. Laser coding produces an indelible print which uses no ink and has no effect on tube performance. It means that, for the first time, lot traceability is carried through from box to bag to the tube itself.

Also available is a downloadable copy of your certificate of conformance for Watson-Marlow sanitary tubing and sanitary tubing elements.

Sizes available

Bore mmWall mmTubing numberProduct code






1.6 13



1.6 14



1.6 16



1.6 25



1.6 17



1.6 18






2.4 18



2.4 119



2.4 120



2.4 15



2.4 24



2.4 35


9.6 2.4 36 913.A096.024
6.4 3.2 26  913.A064.032
9.6 3.2 73  913.A096.032
12.7  3.2 82  913.A127.032
15.9  3.2 184  913.A159.032
 8  4  185 913.A080.040
 12  186 913.A120.040
 16 187  913.A160.040
 9.6  4.8  193 913.A096.048
 12.7  4.8  88 913.A127.048
15.9 4.8 189


19 4.8 90



4.8 92


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Pumpsil tubing

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    To order this product please contact us on:

    Tel: +353 (0) 21 4757030

    You can also send us an email or find your nearest distributor.