400RXMD Surgical Ablation Pumps

400RXMD low flow OEM pumps duo

400RXMD low flow OEM pumps duo

400RXMD low flow OEM pumps duo

400RXMD low flow OEM pumps duo

400RXMD medical applications pump

400RXMD medical applications pump

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400RXMD Datasheet

400RXMD Datasheet

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The new 400RXMD Drivesure pump provides a singlesource pump solution for OEM customers requiring integrated drives and controls. Designed for medical device specialists serving the surgical ablation market.

A new generation of pumps, purpose-designed for incorporation in to your medical applications such as RF ablation or cardiac ablation.

Proven track record

The launch of the 400RXMD (the MD’ in the product name denotes ‘medical device’) is built on the success of its predecessor in OEM medical applications over the past 15 years. The new 400RXMD is built on this body of experience with extensive research with customers and industry experts ensuring it meets the needs of catheter applications such as RF ablation and cardiac ablation in particular.

The pump has retained its unique ability to deliver very low flows at the highest level of pressure performance, especially for catheter, cannula or needle cooling applications, but now includes a larger opening for tube loading combined with a new tube holder that ensures rapid, trouble-free tube loading. This minimizes the risk of human error and thus safeguards the process. With a new factory adjustment mechanism, the pressure/flow profile can be fine-tuned to match specific requirements.

Watson-Marlow’s new 400RXMD is available as a family of ten variants with motor options including stepper motor and brushless DC motor, providing OEM's in the medical industry with superior and precise pump technology. This includes models with flows up to 500 ml/min 4 bar (60psi) and 100 ml/min at 6 bar (87psi)

400RXMD Drivesure

Providing a purpose-designed and trusted pump and drive combination, the 400RXMD DriveSure pumps are specifically aimed at surgical ablation applications where the catheter or needle needs to be cooled very precisely.

These new pumps from Alitea provide customers with the ability to deliver 6 bar back pressure at low flows; consistently and accurately ensuring a closely controlled ablation process.

DriveSure is precise and whisper quiet, with guaranteed performance through an extended variable speed range from 8rpm to 408rpm. It adds low cost of ownership through a single supplier, and ease of use with our plug and play solution for medical applications.


Our experience in delivering OEM pumps focused on key applications in the medical device market has built a leading reputation over the last 15 years. Key applications with flows up to 100 ml/min without drop off and up to 6 bar (87psi) pressure. Our 400RXMD pumps deliver superior capabilities in two major application segments within the OEM medical device manufacturing market:

Cardiac ablation surgery: Used typically for atrial fibrillation surgery

The 400RXMD pump is optimal in delivering cooling fluid to accurately regulate temperature during cardiac catheter ablation surgery. The surgery advances flexible catheters into the patient's blood vessels, to the heart. Electrical impulses are used to induce the arrhythmia and local heating or freezing is used to ablate (destroy) the abnormal tissue.

Radio frequency (RF) ablation procedure: for liver lesions, cancer tumours or back pain

This simple, stable and unique OEM pump solution is designed for equipment that uses the technique of radio frequency (RF) ablation, where the pump is part of a larger system that includes an RF generator, and a catheter or needle. This technique can be used in many surgical procedures including cardiac arrhythmia, pain management and cancer treatment.

In both of these applications, the 400RXMD pump introduces cooling fluid for precise temperature control which produces a more effective treatment and prevents scarring. The cooling fluid helps concentrate the RF energy on the target area which is particularly important when ablating large volumes of tissue, such as in the treatment of cancer.


Three different pressure settings up to 6 bar (87psi) back pressure, with flow rates up to 500 ml/min


Pump type Single channel pump
Motor type standard Brushless DC motor
Motor type optional Stepper motor
Recommended use Continuous or intermittent applications
Motor speed - standard/VDL 100 - 550rpm
Motor speed - stepper/ST-S 1.6mm tubing 1-450rpm, 3.2mm tubing 1-300rpm
Operation CW or CCW
Approx motor life Up to 20,000 hours
Supply voltage 24V DC
Operating Temperature +5C to +40C
Weights 1.25kg (2lb 12oz) - VDL
1.37kg (3lb) - ST-S


400RXMD flow v pressure graph3.2    400RXMD flow v pressure graph 1.6mm

 400RXMD flow v revolutions image


400RXMD dimensions image

Datasheet download

400RXMD datasheet (05) 400RXMD OEM pump with Drivesure


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    To order this product please contact us on:

    Tel: +353 (0) 21 4757030

    You can also send us an email or find your nearest distributor.