MasoSine Process Pumps

  • Certa - the cleanest pump you will ever needCerta - the cleanest pump you will ever need

    • Superior viscous handling
    • EHEDG Type EL - Class 1- Now also with EHEDG Type EL Class 1 Aseptic
    • Up to 50% less power than other pumps
    • Low shear and virtually no pulsation
  • SPS industrial pumpsSPS industrial pumps

    • Low shear transfer
    • Superior suction
    • Up to 15 bar
    • Up to 99,000 l/hr
  • Sinusoidal pumping explainedSinusoidal pumping explained

    MasoSine pumps are highly reliable and economical positive displacement pumps for sanitary and industrial applications. Our exclusive sinusoidal rotor overcomes the limitations of conventional rotary lobe pumps to produce powerful suction, low shear and very low pulsation.