Ore sampling

Ore concentrate sampling is critical in establishing the viability of ore reserves.

The sampling process is key to understanding the composition of a portion—or sample— of ore across the composition of an entire bulk.

The efficiency, accuracy and safety of your precious metal and mineral exploration, and the entirety of your mining activities are dependent on the quality of the equipment you employ.

Equipment developed for mining operations

Mineral processing equipment must be capable of working under varying mining process conditions accurately and reliably.

Bredel hose pumps provide consistent, accurate and repeatable flow rates from sampling points to slurry analysers. Flow remains unaffected by variation in slurry concentration, specific gravity, viscosity or discharge head.

Our diverse product range is backed by a global network of sector specific engineers, who will partner with you to provide the ideal engineering and fluid management solutions throughout your ore sampling applications. 

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  • Bredel hose pumps

    Bredel hose pumps

    Offering maximum reliability and lowest maintenance in tough, high flow applications, Bredel pumps save time and money.

  • Qdos chemical metering pumps

    Qdos chemical metering pumps

    Eliminate ancillaries while maintaining accurate, linear and repeatable metering for process conditions

  • Process pumps for industrial applications

    Process pumps for industrial applications

    Four drive options, colour display and intuitive menu structures provide visual status indication and minimal key presses.

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