Peristaltic and Sinusoidal Pumps - how they work

The cut away image of the bredel hose pump used for the demonstration of peristaltic pumping.

Peristaltic Pumps

Nothing but the hose or tube touches the fluid, eliminating the risk of the pump contaminating the fluid, or the fluid contaminating the pump.

The animation shows fluid being drawn into a pump, trapped between two shoes (in a Bredel hose pump) or rollers (in a Watson-Marlow tube pump), and finally being expelled from the pump. Gaps between packets of fluid are shown only to help visualise the action.

The complete closure of the hose which is squeezed between a shoe and the track gives the pump its positive displacement action, preventing backflow and eliminating the need for check-valves when the pump is not running.

Sinusoidal Pumps

Maintenance takes minutes and can be performed in-place by a line operative. Replace off-the-shelf wear components to restore to “new pump” performance.

Exploded view

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