Pump downtime reduced at food manufacturer

MasoSine at AAK FoodsMasoSine pump offers rapid cleaning capability, even for thick and viscous products

The challenge: Food manufacturer AAK Foods was seeking a replacement for a progressive cavity (PC) pump on one of its filling lines. They found the PC pumps labour intensive to clean. AAK Foods indicated that three hours was required to strip, clean and rebuild a single pump.

The solution: After extensive trialling, AAK Foods found that a MasoSine SPS-4" sine pump drastically reduced strip-down times. This pump is now used to transfer various AAK products from intermediate bulk containers to depositor feed hoppers on the filling line.

The outcome: AAK Foods can strip its MasoSine SPS-4" down to component level for cleaning in just 7 minutes. The single rotor design and inherent one shaft, one seal configuration allows for speedy maintenance. It takes 20-25 minutes to clean, due to the dwell time in cleaning solution required to ensure sterility at AAK; otherwise it would be even quicker. Pump rebuild-takes just 10 minutes. In total, AAK is up and running again within what it describes as the ‘magic’ hour. Even when the pump has been handling viscous products such as coarse grain mustard.

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