Semi-automatic filling and capping – FlexFeed30



Tabletop filling and capping machine


FLEXFEED30 brochure

FLEXFEED30 brochure

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The FlexFeed30 is a tabletop bottle handling and capping machine that provides consistent cap torque, reduces operator repetitive strain injuries and is a great alternative to costly fully automatic solutions for flexible, small scale production.

The FlexFeed30 meets the demands of flexible small batch production, while delivering a consistent production quality that is not possible with manual filling and capping. It delivers an excellent return on investment, when upgrading from manual filling and capping solutions.

A complete bottle and cap changeover can be completed in less than 5 minutes. The entire fluid path has been designed for single use, preventing cross contamination.

The machine's small foot print makes it easy to use at different locations within a production facility, including use within a laminar airflow cabinet.

On a standard FlexFeed30 the filled and capped bottles will leave the machine on a tray. However, it can be customized so that all bottles will be pushed onto a conveyor belt going to labelling machine. This will improve productivity even further.

The FlexFeed30 can be connected to a Flexicon PF7 or a 520Di peristaltic filler. This will add the benefits of a high flexibility in fill volumes, no costly overfilling, reduced foaming and no dripping between individual fills.


Please provide Flexicon with a serial number and model number for a copy of the FlexFeed30 manual