PD22l - From <5ml to >5000ml - Tabletop aseptic filling/dispensing




PD22I brochure

PD22I brochure

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for high capacity filling applicationsThe PD22I is an extremely flexible and reliable peristaltic filling solution. The peristaltic filling principle delivers the widely recognised advantages of accurate filling, guarantee against contamination and ease of cleaning.

 A combination of the MC12 and between one and sixteen PD22I units can easily be integrated into a fully automatic filling line.

 The PD22I is able to fill volumes from less than 5ml to more than 5000ml, with a filling accuracy of +/- 0.5% achievable for most volumes. This unique and consistent filling accuracy prevents costly overfilling and contributes to an excellent return on your investment.

Changing the fluid path can be achieved in under one minute. The closed fluid path removes the risk of cross contamination, making the PD22I ideal for contract filling, filling of agar or a production environment, where many types of liquids need to be filled in various batch sizes.

Foaming, splashing or dripping between each fill is always unacceptable. The adjustable fill speed and acceleration of the PD22I filler prevent splashing and foaming, whilst dripping is stopped using a back-suction function.


5 year warranty

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Total confidence in reliability backed with a 5 year warranty

Demonstrating total confidence in product reliability and commitment to customer
satisfaction our tabletop fillers carry 5 year warranty.
The extended warranty is valid for these units:

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