Tubing for accurate filling



Platinum-cured silicone tubing


Accusil brochure

Accusil brochure

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Flexicon tubing range

Accurate and consistent dispensing requires having the right tubing in the right pump. Accusil is manufactured in an ISO 14644-1 Class 7 environment, Accusil is double-bagged for protection against contamination.

Developed for use with Flexicon fillers such as PF7, PD12, FP50, FPC50 and FMB210, Accusil tubing is available in ten metre lengths or on reels up to 150 metres.

A lot specific certificate of conformance is included in each box of Accusil tubing and accessible online.


Complete range of tubing for small peristaltic pump heads

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Complete range of tubing for large peristaltic pump heads

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Validation pack

Request an Accusil tubing validation pack

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Certificate of conformity

 A downloadable copy is available of your certificate of conformance