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Fittings brochure (UK)

Fittings brochure (UK)

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Biobarb connectorWatson-Marlow offers a wide range of barb fittings for gas and liquid handling. Fittings are available in different materials as; Kynar (PVDF), Polypropylene, Radiation stable PC-9002, low cost nylon, Polycarbonate, etc. For tube sizes from 1.5 mm to 25.4 mm ID-tubing.

USP Class VI Materials 

Documentation and traceability 

BioBarb disposable tube connector range

BioBarb disposable tube connectors complete the Watson-Marlow pumping package. The range includes connectors, end-caps and clamps, available in a choice of sizes to provide a cost-effective, pure, disposable connection system for media transfer.

Connectors' inner diameter is identical to the tubing to allow drainage along an unimpeded path.

The oversized single barb achieves secure adhesion, which can be reinforced with a cable tie if desired. Compression between the tube and the fitting eliminates fluid by-pass to potential entrapment areas.

Manufactured from DMF-listed polypropylene that complies with FDA and USP Class VI test protocols.

Permanent moulded lot number and size identification ensures traceability.

Bioclamps are manufactured from glass-reinforced nylon compliant with USP Class VI, and suitable for repeated autoclaving.

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