PureWeld® XL - high performance TPE tubing

PureWeld XL

PureWeld XL

PureWeld XL thermoplastic elastomer


Biopharmaceutical tubing brochure

Biopharmaceutical tubing brochure

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Designed for secure, cost effective peristaltic pumping and transfer duties, PureWeld XL tubing provides exceptional life and accurate flow rates compared to other TPE tubing. PureWeld XL provides excellent chemical resistance making it suitable for a range of bioprocessing fluids. PureWeld XL can be welded, allowing complete fluid paths to be assembled in minutes. The tubes’ ultra-smooth bore and wall are ideal for ultrasonic flow measurement, and is engineered to reduce spallation.


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Guaranteed supply continuity and product support from the leading manufacturer of fluid technology solutions. PureWeld XL delivers a safe and consistent process, using equipment and consumables designed to work together.

Also available is a downloadable copy of your certificate of conformance for Watson-Marlow tubing and sanitary tubing elements.

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Watson-Marlow PureWeld XL tubing is a high purity product which is produced in a state-of-the-art ISO14644-1 Class 7 facility. PureWeld XL is a thermoplastic elastomer tube which is produced from synthetic components. PureWeld XL does not include any natural rubber products such as latex and is animal derived content free. There are no known carcinogens used in the tubing or in the production of the tubing. The raw material has been fully tested to USP Class VI and FDA CFR177.1810.

Watson-Marlow PureWeld XL tubing is manufactured from virgin pellet only, no regrind is used in the production. The raw material is manufactured under strict controls of ingredients, operating procedure and packaging. Each lot of raw material undergoes mechanical testing to ensure compliance with the material specification. Full traceability is assured through the lot number of the tubing, this enables the raw material, manufacturing equipment, quality control records and production records to be identified.


PureWeld XL tubing is double-packed in heat-sealed polythene bags in the ISO14644-1 Class 7 clean room. The bags are labelled with the PureWeld XL part number, lot number, use-by date and tube description. The standard coil length is 15m/50', other coil lengths or cut lengths are available on request.

Tubing reels, which include up to 500'/152m of tubing, are also available for 1.6, 2.4 and 3.2mm wall tubing.

The bagged PureWeld XL coils and reels are packed in a card box outside the clean room. The card boxes are, like the polythene bags, labelled with the PureWeld XL part number, lot number, use-by date and tube description. A lot-specific certificate of conformance is included with each pack of tubing.

Full lot traceability is maintained for every batch of tubing produced through detailed raw material and production records, hard copy and electronic production data and retain samples.


All tubing packaging is labelled with the product description, part and lot numbers, use-by date and a barcode of this information. Included in the box is the certificate of conformance. As part of the Watson-Marlow ISO9001:2008 system, lot records and process data are stored for all tubing produced in the plant.

Full lot traceability to raw material supply is therefore assured. All records are kept for the shelf life of the tubing. The plastic packaging used in direct contact with the tubing is also lot traceable and, as with the tubing, all lot records are kept for the shelf life of the tubing.

A sample of every production batch of PureWeld XL tubing is retained for reference.

Download a copy of your certificate of conformance for Watson-Marlow tubing and sanitary tubing elements.

Sizes available

The tube sizes listed below are currently available. Other sizes are available on request.

Bore mmBore inchWall mmWall inchTube Number
0.5 1/50 1.6 1/15 112
1.6 1/16 1.6 1/15 14
3.2 1/8 1.6 1/15 16
4.8 3/15 1.6 1/15 25
6.4 1/4 1.6 1/15 17
8.0 5/18 1.6 1/15 18
6.4 1/4 2.4 3/32 24
9.6 3/8 3.2 1/8 73
12.7 1/2 3.2 1/8 82
9.6 3/8 4.8 3/15 86
12.7 1/2 4.8 3/15 88
19.0 3/4 4.8 3/15 90
25.4 1 4.8 3/16 92

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