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Bulk tubing

Bulk tubing

Bulk tubing


Every year, tens of thousands of meters of quality Watson-Marlow tubing is fitted as original equipment to products ranging from fermenters and bioreactors to orange juice and milkshake dispensers, to keyhole surgery equipment, and seed-coating machines to printing presses. No other company has such a wealth of experience.

Applications - peristaltic pump tubing, transfer tubing, sampling tubing , disposable tubing, seals and gaskets.

Tubing expertise. Our production engineers, our development and production facilities are world class. They can be placed at your disposal, to find the perfect solution that integrates with your equipment. We develop concepts, test and refine them until we have it right. You can concentrate on the rest of your product. Then we come together, targeting your precise requirements until we're both happy that you have the best solution to your flexible tubing needs.

We know how vital it is to get straight-line communications from designer to designer, so the Sony Polyspan videoconferencing links at our plants are open to you to take advantage of in OEM projects. As you are talking directly with the manufacturer you also get the support, flexibility and responsiveness that only direct contact can enable.

Watson-Marlow can supply tubing in the way that best suits your needs.

Custom LaserTraceability (laser coding on the surface of the tube) ensures that the tubing is identified in the correct way in your process and is fully traceable. For example, laser coding your part number and purchase order guarantees traceability irrespective of whether the tubing has been removed from the packaging or has been used. Unlike some ink-based printing, LaserTraceability cannot be removed by common clean-room solvents such as IPA and the print cannot contaminate your product.

*Reel length varies with tube size

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