400B series compact multi channel pump


400F/B1 is our standard instrument-quality peristaltic pump with a spring-loaded track and adjustable tubing occlusion for 1.6mm walled continuous tubing, up to 200ml/min

400F/D2 also has a sprung-loaded track and adjustable tubing occlusion. It has 2 channels of flow (82ml/min each) and uses 1.0mm walled tubing elements

400F/D3 is the same as the D2 model however has an additional channel

400F/DM2 is an even more compact 2-channel pump design for lower flowrates (32ml/min per channel) and is available with a variety of 3-stop element sizes to precisely match your flow requirements

400F/DM3 is the same as the DM2 model however has an additional channel