Metering anti-foam

Metering anti-foam

In the manufacture of fibre cement roofing and cladding products, it is important to continuously meter an anti-foam agent in order for the production process to maintain a steady state.

A leading manufacturer of roofing and building supply products, Eternit, has chosen to use five Watson-Marlow 505S/RL2 peristaltic pumps to meter the anti-foam chemical into their cement based slurry. Running 24 hours a day in a heavy industrial environment, the Watson-Marlow pumps offer superior performance compared to the diaphragm pumps which were previously used.

The pumps can be easily controlled via membrane keypads, give accurate delivery of the anti-foam agent, and their reliability is second to none. Their operation is continuous, except for the brief pauses to change the tubing which takes only a few minutes every three months.

Savings in the production process include decreased pump downtime for maintenance, and reduced waste of anti-foam agent, as the pumps are self-priming at start-up and safe dry running should the source of chemical run dry.


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