Reduced wear in abrasive slurry transfer

Bredel SPX hose pumpA major food processing company, located in Cleveland, OH, manufactures potato and macaroni salads. In the process of producing their famous potato salad, the first step was to remove the sand, grit and peel from the potatoes. Historically, a rotary lobe pump was used to transfer the potato waste slurry. The abrasive slurry caused premature rotor/body wear in the rotary lobe pump, resulting in high maintenance costs.

After some research, the company decided to try a Bredel hose pump. Unlike the lobe pump, the rotor inside the hose pump never touches the potato waste leading to no abrasive wear on the rotor or the hose. With no seals to wear out or replace maintenance was reduced to a simple hose change, saving the plant time and money. 



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