Bredel 80 another septage success

Bredel hose pump at water treatment works Consultants were hired by a small coastal New Hampshire town to upgrade their plant. One of their requirements was to increase their septage flow. The idea was to take more septage and bleed it into the treatment plant over night while the loads were low. They had tried this in the past using a centrifugal pump, however it could not handle the solids or the suction lift during low tank levels. The biggest obstacle was to find a pump that could handle the solids, be bullet proof at low to no flow situations, operate unattended, handle a suction lift and be low maintenance.

As it happens, the consultant was already designing the upgrade to include Bredel hose pumps to replace some dual disc pumps for pumping thickened sludge at this facility. But he wasn't sure if a hose pump could handle pumping raw septage.

Hose pumps were already successfully installed by two other municipalities in Vermont for the same application. After checking these references, the engineer proceeded with his design. His only change was to increase the flow capacity.

The Chief Operator has since had no problems with his Bredel septage pump. It handles the solids and demonstrates good suction lift capability by easily pumping the septage during low tank levels. He comments, “I am not used to seeing the bottom of the septage holding tank…I like the pump so much, I can even live with the pink color that was painted by the contractor!” 

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