APEX – five ways to cut pump maintenance

APEX in industrial applications

APEX in industrial applications

APEX hose pumps are ideal for industrial applications up to 8 bar
APEX hose pump

APEX hose pump

Increased process uptime with precision machined hose elements
APEX 28 and 35 hose pumps

APEX 28 and 35 hose pumps

Seal-less, valve-less design lowers total cost of ownership

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Bredel APEX brochure

Bredel APEX brochure

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APEX operativeThe APEX pump range from Bredel has set the standard for lowering acquisition, operating and maintenance costs for low to medium pressure applications. Higher flows per revolution means APEX pumps can be run at lower speeds, increasing hose life and reducing wear. Compared with other pump types, APEX uptime periods are significantly longer.

APEX10, APEX15 and APEX20 pumps

APEX28 and APEX35 pumps

Robust and compact

The APEX pump incorporates Bredel’s long proven direct-coupled technology, delivering the most reliable pump design in a compact footprint.  While the APEX gearbox mounts directly to the pump housing, the APEX pump rotor is supported by its own sealed bearing hub, isolating and protecting the gearbox from integral forces.

Bredel hose elements 

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*specifications refer to APEX 10/15/20 only


Flow range continuous 2.8-280 l/hr 5.5-550 l/hr 8.7-870 l/hr 22-3,000 l/hr 45-5,300 l/hr
Flow range intermittent 2.8-390 l/hr 5.5-770 l/hr 8.7-1200 l/hr 22-3,450 l/hr 45-6,200 l/hr
Capacity 0.046 l/rev 0.091 l/rev 0.145 l/rev 0.095 G/rev 0.195 G/rev
Minimum starting torque 48 Nm 57 Nm 57 Nm 1330 lbf-in 2040 lbf-in
Inner diameter pump element

Ø 10 mm

Ø 15 mm

Ø 20 mm

Ø 28 mm

Ø 35 mm


Apex 10/15/20 dimensions 

APEX 10,15,20 dimension drawing

APEX 28/35 dimensions

APEX 28,35 dimension drawing

Pumping explained

APEX pumping principle

The peristaltic pumping action of APEX works by alternately compressing and relaxing a machined hose between the pump housing and the rotor, ensuring optimal compression. The fluid ahead of the rotor is pushed towards the discharge while the rebounding hose behind the rotor draws more fluid in. There are no seals, seats or valves in the flow path and the fluid contacts only the inner wall of the hose.

Maintenance consists of replacing a single hose element, a task that can be performed in minutes.

Tubing and hoses for your industry

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