Benchtop pumps with 114DV flip top single channel pumphead

Flip-top pumphead with four rollers

Flip-top pumphead with four rollers

114DV flip-top pumphead offers trouble free tube loading and flows up to 170ml/min.
Small, simple, precise

Small, simple, precise

Featuring keypad lock, the security of your process and product is safe

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120 Peristaltic pumps brochure

120 Peristaltic pumps brochure

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The Watson-Marlow 120U/DV 120S/DV and 120F/DV, comprise a 114DV flip-top pumphead powered by a 120 fixed speed, variable speed or automatic drive. The pumphead accepts 1.6mm wall thickness tubing in a choice of five materials in sizes from 0.5 to 4.8mm internal diameter. The flip-top loading mechanism allows tube loading in seconds. The pumps give flow rates up to 170 ml/min.

Compact footprint requires minimal benchtop space

Superior speed control up to 2,000:1, ±1% set speed accuracy, repeatable flow

114DV single-channel, flip-top pumphead accepts continuous tubing only

Efficient and intuitive to use, requiring minimal key presses

Smooth, wipedown case with no sharp edges to tear gloves and no bug traps. IP31 ingress protection

Maintenance-free, brushless DC motor

Three year warranty

Fermentation the 120 is the perfect pump for maximising yield in fermentation and cell culture applications. Ultra-compact and stackable for multiple feeds such as pH control, antifoam, nutrient and buffer addition, the 120 offers the ideal combination of size and technology to optimize your process.

Single-use systems The 120 pump is perfectly suited to single-use systems where no contamination can be accepted. Error-free tube change takes only seconds, with tubing automatically clamped and tensioned to ensure repeatable performance.

Process validation the biopharm process requires accurate and repeatable pumping which is easy to validate. With an exceptional 2,000:1 speed range and a selection of USP Class VI tubes, the 120 delivers the flexibility and purity so vital to drug trials. A keypad lock secures your pumping parameters for constant and repeatable performance.

Chemical compatibility icon Chemical compatibility


Functionality 120U/DV 120S/DV 120F/DV
Manual control  
Fixed speed only    
1 to 200rpm (200:1)    
0.1 to 200rpm (2000:1)    
Numerical speed display  
Reversible direction  
Max (prime)  
Auto start  
Remote control      
Run/stop, direction change, auto/man toggle, alarm    
Analogue control      
0.01 to 200rpm (20,000:1)    
Analogue speed input; 4-20mA, 0-10V    
Tacho speed output; 0-5V    
Keypad lock to protect set-up  


Tube bore and flow rates 120F/DV (ml/min)
Speed (rpm)  0.5mm  0.8mm  1.6mm  2.4mm  3.2mm  4.0mm  4.8mm
10 0.2  0.4  1.4  2.9  4.7  6.7  8.5
17 0.3  0.7  2.4  4.9  8.0 11  14
31 0.6  1.2  4.3  9.0 15  21  26
52 1.0 2.1 7.3  15  24  35  44
220 4.4  8.8  31  64  100  150  190


Tube bore and flow rates 120S/DV and 120U/DV (ml/min)
Speed (rpm)  0.5mm  0.8mm  1.6mm  2.4mm  3.2mm  4.0mm  4.8mm
1 - 200 0.02 - 4.0  0.04 - 8.0  0.14 - 58  0.29 - 58  0.47 - 94  0.67 - 130  0.85 - 170
0.1 - 200 0.002 - 4.0  0.004 - 8.0 0.014 - 28  0.029 - 58  0.047 - 94 0.07 - 130  0.085 - 170


114DV flip-top four roller pumphead

 The 114DV single-channel pumphead assures trouble-free continuous tube loading in seconds, high accuracy and repeatable flow. It accepts 1.6mm wall tubing in bores sizes 0.5mm to 4.8mm.


102R single-channel two roller pumphead

The 102R single-channel pumphead with two-roller rotor is suitable for continuous silicone tubing. It accepts tubing in bore sizes 0.5mm to 4.8mm.


400DM2 twin-channel pumphead

 The twin-channel 400DM2 pumphead uses three-bridge manifold tubing. Ideal for ultra-low-flow metering. Available for 120S and 120U drives.


400DM3 three-channel pumphead

 The three-channel 400DM3 pumphead uses three-bridge manifold tubing. Ideal for ultra-low-flow metering. Available for 120S and 120U drives.


400D1 single-channel pumphead

 The single-channel 400D1 pumphead accepts 1.6mm-wall tubing from 0.5mm to 4.0mm.

 This metering pumphead is familiar to users replacing older 101 and 400 series pumps with the 120. Suitable for 120S and 120U drives.


120U offers 0.1 to 200rpm manual remote control of the pump in 0.1rpm increments or automatic control in 0.1rpm increments via 4-20mA or 0-10V inputs. All pumpheads are available.

120S offers 1-200rpm operation in 1rpm increments. It features speed scrolling, priming and keypad lock. All pumpheads are available.

120F is offered in five fixed flow rate versions: 10, 17, 31, 52 and 220rpm.

Datasheet download

120DV datasheet

Manual download




Compact footprint

High-accuracy flows

Intuitive use

Flexible control

Tubing and hoses for your industry

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