Process pump for continuous tubing

Five tube materials to suit all applications

Five tube materials to suit all applications

Ultimate process security

Ultimate process security

Intuitive menu structure for rapid setup

Intuitive menu structure for rapid setup

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730SN, 730UN, 730DuN and 730BpN peristaltic process pumps fitted with continuous tubing pumpheads


720UN 720SN 720DuN

Enclosure - ingress protection rating

Manual control

Keypad speed control with simple calibration to display flow
 •   •   •
Comprehensive calibration for flow rate display; metric or imperial units       •
Numeric keypad for entry of speed, flow or PIN code       •
 Cumulative volume indication       •
 Remote control      

Run/stop, direction change, auto/manual mode, leak detector input
(via contact closure or 5V TTL to 24V industrial logic
 •     •

Remote operation of MemoDose (foot/hand-switch or logic input)
 •     •

Four programmable digital status outputs through 24V, 30W relays
 •     •

Analog speed control

Software programmable inputs; 0-10V, 1-5V or 4-20mA
 •     •
 Analog outputs; 0-10V (8 bit resolution)  •    
 Analog outputs; 0-10V, 4-20mA (8 bit resolution)       •
 Keypad/analog input scaling (replacement of diaphragm pumps)       •

Frequency output; 0-768Hz
 RS485 digital communication      

Digital network serial control

Basic security code to protect set-up
 Dual operator/supervisor PIN code protection of pump settings       •



    LoadSure Tube elements bore and flow rates (litre/hr)
  Speed rpm 9.6mm 12.7mm 15.9mm 19.0mm 25.4mm
720R 0.1-360
0.12-420 0.22-780 0.30-1100 0.42-1500 0.56-2000


720R and 720RX continuous tubing pumpheads

Tubing is available in five materials for almost any chemical requirement.


720RE and 720REX LoadSure tubing element pumpheads

Elements are available in Pumpsil platinum-cured silicone, Bioprene and STA-PURE PCS for sanitary applications; and in Marprene, Pumpsil and Neoprene.



These cased pump drives offer NEMA 4X (IP66) ingress protection for industrial and washdown environments. 

720SN is a simple, pump offering ultimate economy of ownership, with calibration and one-key manual control via a large-key membrane keypad. MemoDose provides single shot dosing

720UN is a keypad control or remote control pump with analogue speed inputs and status outputs. Software-configurable with password protection

720DuN is a sophisticated process pump with RS485 and full industrial connectivity, and process control through PC, PLC or other plant controller. Comprehensive calibration is available. Twin analogue inputs allow scaled flow adjustment. A 16-key numeric keypad with dial up flow rate or speed.


Download datasheet


720 R                 720RX              Profibus

Manual download

720SN/R and 720UN/R IP66   720DuN/R IP66

 720SN/R IP66                          720DuN/R IP66


No point-to-point wiring and a simple 9-pin PROFIBUS D-connector provides:

PROFIBUSProfibus GSD control file

Tubing and hoses for your industry

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    To order this product please contact us on:

    Telephone: +64 (0)9 273 3166

    Fax: +64 (0)9 273 3167

    You can also send us an email