Senior Design Customization Engineer

Purpose of the function

Support the WM Alitea OEM team with the design, development, construction, testing and validation of changes to the Alitea standard range of products in order to support customization requests from end customers. Provide all relevant technical and administrative support that is embedded in the associated engineering activities. Provide technical input and support in the Group NPD process of developing new panel mount products.

Typical activities (as minimum required)


Relation management



Complexity of the function:

The function is aimed at the development, design and construction of modifications to Alitea OEM pumps and accessories. Ensures cost-conscious development and construction of the mechanical pars of the pumps (and possibly their drive), on the basis of information obtained about product use, requirements and conditions. Accuracy is required when engineering, constructing, calculating and identifying risks.

Time pressure arises as a result of the need to prioritise between deadlines for multiple projects. Deadlines are often set by customer need.

The level of work and thinking is equal to BSc Mechanical Engineering, supplemented by thorough product and range knowledge, design for manufacture and assembly, technical requirements, specifications, pricing and pricing policy. Knowledge of design techniques (FMEA, value engineering, design for assembly), design systems (3D CAD and FEM), product data management, product configurations, company resources, applicable guidelines, standards and procedures are important. Knowledge of English will be required for reporting and communications inside and outside the factory.

Independence of the function

The timing of activities is bound to the project planning and the milestones that result from it. Is able to prioritize within these frameworks. The approach of the work is bound to the wishes and requirements of the (internal or external) customer and applicable methods and techniques for the engineering process. Inventiveness is important for finding the optimal solution for the customer.

The supervision is indirect and takes place through consultation moments. The choices to be made are operational and tactical in nature and relate to the progress and quality of the own work and the work of others. The decisions relate to the progress and the quality of the work to be delivered.

Has internal contact with colleagues within Alitea and with the OEM engineering manager, aimed at discussing ambiguities, coordinating project-specific issues and solving problems. In addition, has contacts outside its own department (Purchasing, Sales, Production and Assembly), aimed at finding the customer needs, causes for product failure and obtaining the necessary materials. These contacts are important for the progress of own work and that of others.

Associated Risks

Has external contact with suppliers, focused on providing appropriate technical specifications in support of Purchasing dept. when setting up supply chain agreements. Maintain relationships with suppliers to gather knowledge about new techniques, technologies and products. These contacts are important for the progress of the projects and the achievement of the highest possible customer satisfaction.

Faults and inaccuracies in work can lead to design errors or delays in projects, resulting in financial damage and image damage. The chance of timely detection and rectification of errors is mainly based on self-control and control by the OEM engineering manager. Discretion is required with regard to competition-sensitive product information.

Physical Aspects

The work is carried out in office c2onditions. The work is mainly performed whilst sitting. Works more hours behind a screen throughout the day.

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