Metering viscous resin with close-coupled technology

521 close coupled pumpGripdeck the manufacturer of anti-slip timber products for use in decking, footbridges and walkways, specified Watson-Marlow’s rugged 521 duplex close-coupled pump to ensure consistent output and increased productivity.

A fundamental part of their production process is the application of resin-based fluids to the surface of the timber. By injecting a formula of epoxy resins blended with fillers into the timber grooves, the product is left with an effective anti-slip finish. However, the fluid, comprising resin and silicon, is extremely abrasive and viscous, enough to place stringent demands on the toughest pumps.

The conventional piston pumps employed to meter the fluid were no match for the viscous resin and silicon mix and constantly clogged, resulting downtime and high maintenance costs.

The objective was simple. Gripdeck required a pump that would achieve high levels of accuracy and ease-of-use and reliability.

“We needed a dependable solution,” said Mike Sant, director of Gripdeck. “We looked specifically at pumps with peristaltic technology and Watson-Marlow presented a high-performance, high powered answer.”

 Their choice of a twin-headed 521 pump eliminated downtime and reduced maintenance considerably, particularly as the epoxy resin is kept isolated within the pumps' tube, thus removing the need to clean extremely sticky residues.

 With no valves, seals or glands, there is nothing to leak, clog or corrode. They self-prime, can run dry without damage and handle difficult fluids and suspended solids with ease.

 By utilising the 521’s flow rates of up to 4.6 litres per minute, Gripdeck saw production capabilities of its anti-slip flooring rise from 8,000 to 10,000 metres per week.

“Since installing the Watson-Marlow 521 pump, we have seen productivity increase by 20 percent,” said Mr Sant. “The constant speed and ease-of-use of the pump encourages our workforce and has enabled job rotation so that we can use our man-hours elsewhere without worrying about effects to levels of output.”


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