Automated filling facilitates production strategy shift

Flexicon and 520 pumps in biopharmLaparoscopy device manufacturer switches production in-house using Flexicon technology

The challenge

With a turnover of around £18-20 million, Cory Medical Systems is the manufacturing operation within Cory Bros Group of companies. As part of its commitment to continuous improvement the company wanted to address lead-time and flexibility issues with an item purchased overseas, namely a fog-free solution used on endoscope lenses. The product prevents the formation of condensation on the distal lens when inside the patient. A 6ml bottle of liquid comprises a percentage of deionised water along with mild alcohol, surfactant and other additives. With flexibility and logistics in mind, Cory Medical was aware of the potential gains by switching from outsourcing to in-house manufacturing.

The solution

 Cory Medical installed a Flexicon FF20 automatic bottle filling system in combination with a 520Di bench-top dispensing pump. Initially the company considered acquiring only the pump, but this solution would still require three operatives to manipulate the bottles. The addition of the Flexicon FF20 automatic bottle handling system meant only a single operator was required. Quicker ROI also resulted thanks to reduced labour and greater productivity.

The outcome

 The FF20 and 520Di allow Cory Medical to manufacture up to 250,000 bottles of its fog-free solutions every year. The system provides shorter lead-times and reduced stockholding – the company previously carried around 6-8 weeks’ inventory. Additionally, if Cory Medical has unexpected demand, production can be switched on very quickly. Incidentally, the company had no previous experience of liquid pumping or dispensing.

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