Improved performance with waste elimination vaccine pumping

520 laboratory pumps reduces wastageThe nation’s largest producer of the flu vaccine in Shiftwater, PA was losing money with their positive displacement pump. The lab was using the old pump on a stainless steel manifold to deliver a dose of the vaccine. But because of the insufficient performance of their old PD pump, they were losing at least one drip of the costly vaccine with each dose.

The customer discussed the problem with the local Watson-Marlow rep. It was determined that, not only would a Watson-Marlow 520 pump fix the drip problem but the pump could be programmed to deliver the appropriate dose when signaled by a proximity switch.

With the new 520 pump system in place, the manifold arm trips the light beam when in the down position, and the pump delivers the dose without dripping. The customer’s process accuracy and simplicity has been improved with the use of Watson-Marlow’s 520 pump and proximity switch. As demand for the flu vaccine increases worldwide, the customer stated that they will continue to contact Watson-Marlow for practical and functional pumping and filling solutions.

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