Reducing premature wear in abrasive pumping

840 peristaltic pumpA pharmaceutical company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas was using rotary lobe pumps to handle their abrasive cough syrup. The rotary lobe pumps were constantly wearing through rotors, stators and seals, which lead to high maintenance and costly downtime.

Since the pharmaceutical company already had several Watson-Marlow pumps in use, they decided to try the 800 series pumps for this application.

The abrasive nature of the syrup causes premature wear in conventional rotory lobe pumps because the rotors, stators and seal face areas on these pumps all come into dynamic contact with the abrasive product. However, like all Watson-Marlow pumps, the 840 pump has no seals to wear or to replace and does not have any rotor or stator in contact with the syrup. Also, the fact that the 800 series pumps are CIP/SIP capable was an added bonus to the company.

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