Contamination free pumping reduces costs

800 series peristaltic pump

A leading pharmaceutical and biotech company in Franklin Lake, NJ was using a diaphragm pump to transfer a silicone-based liquid used in growth media for bacteria picked up through the diaphragm pumps causing the entire 300 gallon batch to be wasted at great expense to the company detection systems. This highly viscous material would be contaminated by trace metals.

The biotech firm contacted the local rep for Watson-Marlow who recommended the model 840 peristaltic pump. In a peristaltic pump, the product only comes in contact with the USP Class VI tube, there are no metal parts to wear and contaminate the batch. The new pump saved the firm countless dollars in lost product.

Additionally, the downtime and labor involved in cleaning the diaphragm pumps was reduced to a simple tube change. The 840’s retractable rollers for Steam-in-Place systems and the longevity of Watson-Marlow’s exclusive BioPrene tubing material were also factors in the company’s decision to replace their old diaphragm pumps with new peristaltic technology.

In an application where product and production time are costly, the reliable contamination-free pumping of Watson-Marlow pumps provided the best solution.



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