Peristaltic solution for biopharmaceutical company

520 filtrationA new, rapidly growing, biopharmaceutical company located in Horsham, PA was using an “off-brand” peristaltic pump for their new purification process. The high pressure needs of their filtration system required the use of Sta-Pure tubing. The plant was very discouraged at the lack of pressure that the off-brand pump produced so they switched to a different positive displacement pump manufactured by the same pump company.

Recently the plant was developing a new purification process. The group was using a filtration cassette system, and had specified a pump and tubing. The lab wanted to avoid a rotary lobe pump if at all possible because they were trying to reduce the hold up volume to a minimum. This group had been told that the tubing was capable of developing up to and exceeding 45psi. When the group first fired up the small skid they were very discouraged; the pump could not push against anything greater than 30psi. The lab then brought in another pump. This pump solved one problem by generating the required backpressure but created a new one. The new problem was the amplitudes (+/-30psi) of the pulsation using this pump was destroying the filtration cartridge.

While the second pump solved the lack of pressure it created a new problem with the pulsation amplitudes. The new pump’s pulsation was destroying the filtration cartridges. The customer was beyond frustrated and went back to look for a solution.

After discussing the high pressure requirements and the pulsation issues with the customer, Watson-Marlow determined that the 520Du/L pump was the correct pump for the job. The Watson-Marlow low pulse pumphead used in conjunction with a pulse damper, reduced the pulsation amplitudes to +/- 5psi, a far cry from the +/- 30psi the off-brand pump was producing. The low pulse, high accuracy 520Du/L pump more than satisfied the customer’s needs.

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