Hybrid pump for fermentation sampling

The two largest biotechnology companies in the world, located in San Francisco, CA, were in dire need of a better way to support their fermentors. The poor design of their existing peristaltic feed pumps allowed fluid back-streaming and made it difficult for tube changes. Control and accuracy were also unacceptable.

Each fermentor requires a total of four pumps and space around the fermentation units is limited, so the pump footprint needed to be very small.

The Watson-Marlow team presented the customer a pump package which met their requirements and each pump was a drop-in replacement. Models were selected based on fermentor size, sufficing the companies’ technical needs while fitting within budget. The requirements called for a new design of three custom 400/300 hybrid pumps.

Once the design was complete, demo pumps were sent to both customers and the feedback surpassed expectations. The pumps accurately controlled the pH fluids into the fermentation columns, were reliable, easy to maintain and did not slip. Due to Watson-Marlow’s high quality, fast delivery and engineering flexibility, the biotech companies purchased a total of 130 pumps and have more potential in the future.

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