Better control and reliability increase profits

Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumpsOne of the largest global biopharm enterprises, located in California, uses Watson-Marlow pumps for several applications at their Berkeley facility.

The facility was experiencing accuracy problems with their positive displacement pumps that supported the bioreactor fermentation unit. The actual flow rates they were getting did not match the existing pump’s performance curves and therefore made it difficult to optimize the process.

In this application, pump accuracy is paramount because the material is extremely costly. After reviewing all of their options the biopharm company turned to the Watson-Marlow 520 pump. With a +/- 0.5% accuracy and the quality of which Watson-Marlow is known, the 520 pump solved their problems with consistency and reliability. The company now uses 38 pumps on their fermentors where there is better control, better reliability and bigger profit.

Based on this fermentor feed success, Watson-Marlow was given the opportunity to help with another custom-built fermentor designed to run continuously for twenty-six weeks. Again, the accuracy, control and long-term reliability of the Watson-Marlow pumps were exactly as advertised. The biopharm company purchased one-hundred and ten  520 pumps to be placed into the fermentation system. They also went on to order twenty additional 620 and 720 pumps for their downstream processing production line.

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