Ceramic slip

Ceramic slip

Pumping ceramic slip is an all too familiar problem to those in the ceramics industry. Slip consistency must be maintained at correct levels for production efficiency and product quality, but with the abrasive nature of ceramic slip, this has been a great challenge, but increasing numbers of ceramic manufacturers have found the solution.

One is a world leader in the building materials sector, Pilkington Tiles, which now has sixteen Bredel hose pumps controlling the slip at every stage of the manufacturing process, delivering slip from the blungers to the spray drier. Two pumps handle slip re-worked from scrap product, another from the re-work tank to a vibrating sieve and a fourth pumps the screened product back into the spray drier feed tanks. At the final stage, yet another SP40 pumps waste from the spray driers to an effluent treatment plant.

Overall, since installing Bredel hose pumps, Pilkington have experienced a decrease in downtime, a reduction in spares costs, and an overall improvement in quality standards. An unexpected bonus was a considerable reduction in energy costs where the hose pumps replaced rubber lined centrifugal pumps.



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