Low shear confectionery application

ChocolateThe challenge

MasoSine MR and SPS series positive displacement pumps are being used by specialist chocolate and confectionery manufacturers to overcome difficult production challenges including:

The solution

The gentle, low shear product handling capability of MasoSine pumps is key to the success of this pump technology in confectionery applications. At the heart of this positive displacement pump is the exclusive sinusoidal rotor which gives a wave-like action. The single rotor design offers very low propulsion, while large pumping chambers help preserve and maintain product integrity.

The MR125 is delivering a solution to the challenge of reducing product damage. The MR series is a range of medium duty sanitary pumps offering flow rates up to 400 gpm (91,000 liters/hr) and pressures up to 150 psi (10.3 bar). The inherent characteristics of the MasoSine MR series pump not only ensures there is no damage to the product – it is also exceptionally easy to maintain and clean.

The MasoSine SPS 2 sanitary/industrial pump is the answer to the challenge of handling highly viscous liquids. The SPS2 has capacity up to 17 gpm(4 m³ per hour) and pressures up to 217 psi (15 bar), and is designed to meet the tough demands of viscous applications such as caramel, gelatine and glucose – all of which cause a problem for most types of alternative pump technology.

Customer success

When a quick fire solution was needed at the confectionery production plant of Kinnerton, part of Zetar Plc, a MasoSine MR125 pump was installed to replace a gear pump that was damaging product on an Easter egg production line. It has operated trouble-free for the past four years.

On the back of this success, Kinnerton have now acquired several MasoSine SPS 2 sanitary/industrial pumps to support a newly installed caramel production line. With a capacity up to 17 gpm(4 m³ per hour) and pressures up to 217 psi (15 bar), the SPS is ideal for viscous applications such as caramel, gelatine and glucose.


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