Efficient pump and hose equipment for the dairy industry

Dairy transfer and dosing applicationsUpholding the high-quality standards of dairy products that companies are known for can pose significant processing challenges. Our leading pump and hose equipment can support your process through efficient handling and transfer for optimum yields. 

For decades, our engineering has helped dairy production facilities worldwide to enhance their process. To ensure low shear handling and gentle transfer, the design of our equipment uses simple engineering principles as a basis to advance processing performances. We develop pump and hose technologies that overcome high viscosity and processing efficiency challenges. 

The capability of gently handling products with varying degrees of viscosity means our pumps are versatile and maximise yield in the most demanding applications.

For example, employing Certa sine pumps in cheese production leads to a higher-yielding product. The gentle product transfer delivered by the pump reduces the number of fines lost from the cheese curds into the whey stream by up to 20% while retaining the fat in the cheese. 

Coupled with simplified maintenance and CIP capability, our Certa pumps help to maximise uptime and ensure hygiene standards. These results can mean a significant improvement in manufacturing capabilities and a return on investment below 12 months.

 Popular applications in dairy processing

The quality of our equipment is backed by a global network of technical support and specialist engineers.


With decades of industry experience, our engineering capabilities will help to maximise the returns on your dairy products.

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