Abrasive potato starch application

Vegetable selectionA fresh fruit and vegetable wholesaler located in Quebec, Canada was experiencing huge problems with the progressive cavity (PC) pumps. The PC pumps were mounted under potato waste tanks pumping think, abrasive potato starch slurry. The application was to pump the potato starch slurry from the bottom of the decanter tanks. Depending on the season, the pumps may run 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Since the pumps are at a low point in the line, the starch would tend to accumulate and compact at the discharge of the pump.

The two existing PC pumps had rectangular suction flanges and were mounted directly under the reservoirs, which made them difficult to access when they broke down. The pumps had to be repaired on a regular basis, due to seal and stator failures. Also, they would feel frequently become jammed when the starch accumulated at the discharged of the pump.

It was suggested to that they try a  Bredel hose pump because of its sealess design, dry running capabilities and abilities to handle thick “sludge like” fluids. Due to Bredel 40’s excellent suction capabilities the pump did not have to be installed directly under the tank, which made it much more accessible. The Bredel 40’s are also able to operate in reverse and are capable of giving enough torque to push through the settled out starch.

The plant uses hydraulic power, and has discovered that the Bredel series hose pump requires less hydraulic energy that the previous PC pump. They were so pleased with the performance and lower maintenance of the Bredel 40’s, that two weeks after the sale, they bought a second Bredel 40’s!

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