High volume abrasive slurry transfer

Bredel SPXBallymoney Foods, part of Glenfarm Holdings, is using a Bredel hose pump to transport potato slurry from the production line to an open tanker. The viscous and abrasive slurry consists of potato peelings containing high concentrations of solids, dirt, grit and sand. 40,000 liters of this slurry are removed from the site each week and used as pig or cattle feed.

Mervyn Calvin, maintenance engineer at Ballymoney, describes the Watson-Marlow pump as a "breakthrough." Calvin said the air-operated diaphragm pump previously used "was costing us the same price as a new pump every six weeks in maintainence and repairs, not including the cost in hours and downtime". The Bredel pump has run "maintenance free" since its installation over eighteen months ago, and the hose has not even needed replacing. The pumps performance? "Excellent" says Calvin.

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