Easy clean food dispensing

Ready mealThe manufacture of ready meals purchased three 840 (57rpm) pumps that fit with RJT connectors. RJT connectors are used to dispense cooked food direct from the cookers into bulk trays for delivery to the packaging area. Portions are then placed onto plastic plates, which are then chilled or frozen. 40 different meals including corned beef hash, cottage pie, lasagna, curries, specialty meals etc. for a leading supermarket chain.

The ease and confidence in cleaning is emphasized by the fact that one of the meals they prepare is a Sate dish which has a peanut-based sauce. As some people suffer life-threatening allergies to the slightest trace of a peanut product, cleaning must be scrupulous. Watson-Marlow pumps have easily overcome the customer's difficulties, as well as increasing their throughput by 30%.

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