Chemical metering - reagents and flocculants

Chemical metering

Bredel hose pumps are the ideal choice for accurate metering of the vast range of chemicals used in the mining industry. Our pumps:

Whether handling shear sensitive polymers, flocculants, reagents, abrasive lime slurries for pH control or corrosive chemicals, to name but a few, Bredel hose pumps give flexibility for chemical metering in mining applications.

The low maintenance design of our positive displacement pumps gives significant advantages over other pumps where ball valves, mechanical seals and stuffing boxes can cause maintenance and reliability problems. The only part that comes into contact with the product is the hose, which can be replaced in a matter of minutes. This makes our pumps very low maintenance and highly efficient. Accurate metering of within 1% of high or low pressure can be maintained throughout the life of the pump.

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