Coatings and adhesives

Coatings and adhesives

Pumping adhesives, cold seal coatings, primers and other lacquers creates challenges for some pumps. Viscosity and stickiness can impact on accuracy and flow rate and can cause foaming and other product degradation. Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps offer an exceptional level of reliability and accuracy when transporting viscous fluids in print and packaging duties. The design of our pumps provides:

Cross contamination is one of the main causes of downtime in printing. Changing from one lacquer to another, for example, involves a rigorous cleaning routine to ensure quality of print is maintained. This can be a problem for diaphragm pumps where glands, seals and valves in the flow path are prone to clogging, and cleaning is labour intensive. The design of our peristaltic pumps means the tubing is the only part to come into contact with the lacquer. Cleaning involves a simple straight-through flushing of the tubing and, when necessary, changing the tube is a rapid and simple task. This cuts changeover times and ensures maximum pump availability.

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