Pumping inks and coatings

Inks and coatings

Inks and coatings can be shear sensitive and have varying levels of viscosity. Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps are the ideal choice to ensure the smooth, accurate and reliable flow of inks and coatings without the risk of foaming or clogging. This minimises product waste and drastically reduces costly press downtime for pump maintenance. Key features of our pumps include:

Where traditional pumps can become clogged due to the highly viscous nature of inks and coatings, the design of our peristaltic pumps means the only part to come into contact with the product is the tubing. This allows unrestricted flow and eliminates the risk of clogging and blockages.

Cleaning between print runs involves nothing more than flushing out, and the ability to reverse flow minimises product wastage. Changing the tubing is a quick and simple process and doesn't involve press downtime. In addition as no ink or coating comes into contact with the pump the risk of cross contamination is eliminated.

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