Alum application at water treatment plant

Watson-Marlow 500 series pumps for the water and waste industryA water treatment plant in Atlanta, GA was encountering problems when using a high-end progressive cavity (PC) pump to pump aluminum sulfate.

The PC pumps kept failing due to the corrosive nature of the aluminum sulfate even after trying several different materials for the rotor. Since aluminum sulfate is such a corrosive material it would destroy the PC pumps’ rotors even with a low duty cycle. The constant breakdown of the PC pumps led to an increased cost of maintenance and costly downtime to repair the pumps.

A local Watson-Marlow representative suggested that the plant install a 520 range tube pump. Since the alum never touches the rotor in a peristaltic pump, chemical attack is not an issue for Watson-Marlow pumps and the trial was a success. The plant has now made the switch from the PC pumps to the Watson-Marlow 520 range tube pumps to supply alum to their process.

The 520 range pumps solved a major problem by increasing performance and decreasing down time. As a result, they began to consider Watson-Marlow pumps for other applications. The plant was using diaphragm-metering pumps to feed sodium bi-sulfate. Corrosion was evident here too - all the metal piping, backpressure valves, check valves, as well as the pump itself. The plant decided to use the Watson-Marlow 520 range tube pumps for this application as well.


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