Water treatment plant chlorination hypo application

Bredel SPX hosepump for the water and waste industryA water treatment plant in Haverhill, MA was using three diaphragm pumps in their chlorination room. The installation utilized the typical "spaghetti piping" and dangerous hypochlorite was leaking through many of the fittings and valves. The Chief Operator of the plant wanted to eliminate the pipes and fittings associated with their current diaphragm pumps. Not to mention expensive rebuild kits associated with the diaphragm pumps that meant costly downtime for maintenance.

They were looking for a pump that could handle the required pressure of carrying water to deliver the hypo, which was around 70 psi without the additional valving and piping. The Bredel 10  hose pump from Watson-Marlow was recommended, which can handle up to 110 psi.

After an initial demo pump was installed, the problems were solved. The plant as since replaced all of their diaphragm pumps with permanent Bredel 10 pumps and in 8 months of operation they have replaced one hose for each pump.

The Chief Operator states “I don’t have to use any more check valves or fittings that drip hypo onto the floor, there is no more off-gassing problems and best of all maintenance costs have been eliminated”

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