Bredel series the ideal pump for hypochlorite injection

Bredel SPX hosepump for the water and waste industryA municipality in Perris, CA was injecting sodium hypochlorite into a pressurized water line at 80 psi during their treatment process. Unfortunately, with the "off gassing" effect of the hypo this is a difficult duty, especially when the pump must also self-prime dry with a 7 foot suction lift.

The plant first tried a diaphragm pump, which did not work as it vapor locked continuously and lost prime. They then tried a progressive cavity pump and while it did a better job than the diaphragm pump it was only for a short period of time. The metering accuracy into the pressurized line was not very consistent and the rotor/stator clearances opened up causing the flow to slowly drop off. After a while, the pc pump began to loose its ability to handle the suction lift due to the increased clearances.

During a sales call to the plant, the local representative suggested trying a Bredel 10 hose pump, which performed flawlessly due to its ability to run dry and handle the "off-gassing" effect of the hypo. The plant purchased the trial pump and have several other locations that they have replaced with Bredel hose pumps.

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