Eliminating off-gassing problems

520 eliminates off-gassing problemsA municipally owned utility providing electricity, fiber optics, water filtration and waste water treatment in Holland, MI was using diaphragm pumps in their water treatment plant. Unfortunately the chemicals used in their applications, such as sodium hypochlorite and aqueous ammonias, tend to off-gas resulting in vapor-locking of the diaphragm pump. Also the initial configuration they had with the threaded joints caused numerous leaks, requiring constant costly maintenance.

A local representative mentioned to the plant engineers that Watson-Marlow's peristaltic pumps might be a better choice. Unlike diaphragm pumps, peristaltic pumps have no check-valves which eliminate the primary source of metering inaccuracy and will not vapor-lock.

The water treatment plant purchased five 520 range pumps for their chemical metering application and to provide additional disinfectant as needed at points further down line. Two more 520 range pumps are used later in the process for their fluoride feed system.

Now all the engineer has to do is replace the tube element, which takes only a couple of minutes. Since the tube element is a fraction of the costs associated with rebuilding a diaphragm pump the plant is able to greatly reduce their overall costs with these applications.


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