Peristaltic pumps at the core of turbidity measurement

OEM water and waste turbidity measurementOne of Europe’s leading process engineering companies is using peristaltic pumps at the core of its water treatment technology to enable continuous turbidity measurement.

Integrated into large-scale water treatment systems at municipal water processing plants across the UK, the pumps, supplied by Watson-Marlow, are being used by engineers Enpure to feed samples of filtered clean water onto a turbidimeter.

Turbidity measurement is a critical aspect of water treatment as it not only helps operators of municipal water treatment plants to ensure a high quality of drinking water, but also provides continuous monitoring to detect the presence of the water-born parasite, cryptosporidium bacteria.

The pumps, which have been selected from Watson-Marlow’s range of OEM devices are required to operate 24 hours a day and feed a constant volume of water samples to the turbidity monitors. Although Enpure’s specialists prefer to rely simply on gravity to feed these instruments, it is often impossible to mount the turbidimeters at a sufficiently low level. Coupled with this, is the need for Enpure’s engineers to keep the line size to a minimum.

According to Steve Cole at Enpure, it is the peristaltic pump’s ability to deliver a consistent flow rate that makes it ideally suited to this particular application. “Not all pump technologies are able to operate at the flow rate we require. We simply need to feed the turbidimeter at a constant flow rate of 1litre/hour and the peristaltic pump does exactly what we need it to. A centrifugal pump, for example, would be fine for large volumes of water, but it’s not fit for purpose here.”

Watson-Marlow’s OEM peristaltic (original equipment manufacturers) pumpheads are ideal for applications such as deployed here by Enpure. They are designed to meet the needs of companies who need a ready-to-fit component that is easy to integrate into instrumentation and that will provide the reliability, longevity and ease of maintenance required by end users.

Watson-Marlow’s OEM pumps provide flow rates ranging from microlitres a minute to hundreds of gallons a minute and are available for one to thirty-two channels of flow. Pumpheads, geared motors, faceplates and speed controllers are all available, as is a design consultancy for specialised and bespoke applications.


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