Bredel 100 hose pump replaces diaphragm pump

Bredel SPX peristaltic pump for sludge applicationThe world’s largest dedicated producer of silicon materials for the photovoltaic industry has its own water treatment facilities. They were using mechanical diaphragm pumps on their sludge application. The system has a tank that collects sludge from all the various sumps around the plant and then pumps the sludge into a plate & frame type filter press.

The diaphragm pump became a reliability issue. Clogging of the valves required frequent rebuilds of the pump’s wetted end. These rebuilds cost around $40K a year for maintenance. Additionally the plant incurred costly downtime. After a rebuild the pumps did not provide enough flow and pressure to perform optimally.

The pump requirements were up to 150GPM (intermittent duty) and up to 225 psi. Scott at Advanced Technical Sales suggested a Bredel 100 demo pump with control panel, pulsation dampener and isolation right for pressure management. Since the plant already had a 520RE pump used successfully in a chlorine application they were eager to try the Bredel 100..

After a very successful demo and related control equipment was purchased. The plant is very happy with the Bredel 100 performance and will purchase a second pump for an installed spare. 

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