Try it… and you’ll be sure to like it!

Watson-Marlow Bredel’s Try-It-You-Like-It demo program proves our pumps can fit into almost any application.

A northwestern sewer district serving a 10 square mile region of Washington state operates two wastewater treatment plants. Both plants began exploring opportunities to replace their existing progressing cavity pumps last summer. The application involved pumping 5 to 7% raw sludge at a flowrate range of 10 – 70 gpm. The discharge configuration of the pump is admittedly unique, with a static head of roughly 60 feet pushing back on the pump. As a result the pc pumps were very inefficient - the high discharge head caused the rotor to back-spin allowing raw sludge to pass to the suction side. It was obvious that they needed to be replaced.

Both rotary lobe and peristaltic pumps were considered for replacement. As part of the assessment process, a demonstration of the Watson-Marlow Bredel SPX65 hose pump was arranged with one of the facilities managers. At this time, the existing progressing cavity pump was taken out of service and the system was reconfigured for the hose pump. The trial lasted 4 months. Thanks to Watson-Marlow Bredel’s Try-It-You-Like-It demo program, the only cost the facility incurred was freight to and from Seattle and consumables (a hose and lubricant). The SPX65 is rated to comfortably handle the specified flow range running at 5-35 rpm.

The facilities manager along with his crew of operators were very impressed with the performance of the Watson-Marlow Bredel hose pump over the course of the trial period. The pump exhibited tremendous metering accuracy; they finally had a pump that was 100% volumetric efficient. Due firm compression of the rotor on the hose (acting more or less as a check valve), it is impossible for the pump to allow sludge to move back through the pumphead. As a result, the facility moved ahead with the purchase of the pump. Along with the PO, the plant also recommended the purchase of an additional SPX65 at their neighboring plant soon resulting in a second purchase.

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