Boryung Pharmaceutical Korea increases production efficiency thanks to Aflex Hose

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Boryung Pharmaceutical Korea, a large pharmaceutical company in Korea, has enhanced its productivity thanks to Aflex Hose which is part of the Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG). The Aflex Pharmaline N hose is being used to manufacture Gelfos, the leading antacid medication in Korea, China and Taiwan.

Founded in 1963, Boryung Pharma is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and currently exports to almost 50 countries on six continents. The company produces cardiovascular products, antibiotics, anticancer products, amino acids and cosmetics, and gastrointestinal products. Gelfos is one of their most well-known brands.

No Contamination

During the manufacture of Gelfos, liquid chemicals must be transferred between stainless steel pipes. Previously, Boryung Pharm used silicone rubber hoses for this application. However, these became contaminated by the liquid, causing discolouration. The Aflex Pharmaline N hose offered a solution to this problem as it has a PTFE lining which is resistant to chemical contamination.

Enhanced Flexibility  

Another problem faced during the liquid transfer process is that the hoses need to be connected and disconnected to multiple channels, which can cause kinks and damage to the silicone hoses, especially to the end of the hose near the fitting. The Aflex Pharmaline N hose has 316 stainless steel wire braid reinforcing ensuring that it is very flexible yet kink resistant, allowing channels to be changed without damaging the hose.

Unique Design

The Aflex Pharmaline N hose is part of a specialist range of hoses, designed to meet requirements in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing plants, for the clean and safe transfer of their process fluids. The hoses are made from PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), a material with exceptional chemical resistance that can be used at temperatures to 260C (500F). PTFE has unique non-stick properties which make surfaces self-cleaning. Aflex hoses have excellent chemical and high temperature resistance and a smooth bore to ensure clean, fast fluid flow. They perform equally well at high pressure and full vacuum, with flexibility and kink resistance that cannot be provided by other hose types.

Using the Aflex Pharmaline N hose, Boryung Pharma can now transfer liquid chemicals without contamination and can repeatedly change the channels without damaging the hoses. There is no longer any need to stop production of Gelfos due to contamination or kinks, therefore improving the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

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