New Watson-Marlow 530 pumps ensure safe, accurate and intuitive operation for food and beverage applications

530 range of peristaltic process pumps for the food and beverage industryWatson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, the world leader in peristaltic pumps and associated fluid path technologies, has introduced its new 530 peristaltic cased pump, delivering flow rates from 0.0001 ml/min to 3.5 litre/min, for metering and transfer applications such as addition of flavourings, finings and ferments. The cost effective pump offers easier operation and greater versatility coupled with high levels of accuracy. With compliance to FDA 21CFR177.XXXX available on all food and beverage tubing, and EC 1935/2004 on selected materials in the range.

Repeatable accuracy for food manufacturers

Food manufacturers demand many things from their process equipment and much of this is concerned with maintaining product integrity, as well as maximising uptime. The dosing and metering of colourings, flavourings and additives must be inherently accurate.

With this in mind, the key to long-term success for food manufacturers is the 530 pump’s ability to provide repeatable accuracy, which in turn helps to maintain a consistent process. Furthermore, operating parameters can be checked at a glance to ensure product quality, while reliable and exceptionally low maintenance promotes greater process uptime. IP66 protection options make it suitable for benchtop or rugged high-pressure wash-down areas.

New features

With the new 530 models it is possible to quickly check control parameters and maintain process consistency with visual status through a bright colour display. In addition, an intuitive menu structure makes for confident and easy operator interaction.

Furthermore, the 530 pumps offer three-level PIN protection that assists with process safety and minimises the opportunity for costly mistakes. 

Pump and tubing of equal importance

Of equal importance in food and beverage applications is the tubing, where chemical compatibility together with good process stability is essential. Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology is the only company that manufactures cased pumps and peristaltic tubing as well as connectors, clamps, hoses and gaskets. This is a real advantage for customers that want to be certain that their peristaltic pump will work first time, every time.

Drive and pumphead options

The versatile Watson-Marlow 530 range of process pumps offers four drive options, enabling users to choose from manual operation to fully automated control.

The pumps deliver flow rates from 0.0001 ml/min to 3.5 litre/min. To meet process requirements, 530 pumps can be fitted with either continuous tubing pumpheads, or with LoadSure tube element pumpheads for secure process connection at pressures up to 7 bar.

Users will also benefit from the 530 models’ integrated PROFIBUS networking capabilities. With two-way, real-time communications, the 530 range offers increased diagnostic capability and faster response, helping optimise process control and minimise plant downtime.

Error-free tube loading

Depending on a user’s process needs, the 530 models can feature LoadSure tube elements, which fit into position for simple, error-free tube loading. Using the patented LoadSure D-connectors and easy-grip clutched rotor, the tube element can be changed in less than one minute without the need for special skills.

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